HAPPY HOUR! Story Hotel

Story Hotel Entrance Logo

Hello and happy Friday, everyone! This week I’d like to share with you a hotel that I first came across over a year ago during my [unfinished] Masters study in Interior Architecture. In doing research for my own hotel concept, which I called the Guestbook Hotel to be located in Copenhagen, Denmark, I found the amazing Story Hotel that so conveniently happened to be located in… Stockholm. Although I was living and studying in Boston at that time, I knew I’d someday get there!

That someday came over the winter when we met a few friends for drinks. My $20 gin and tonic was, well, like any other gin and tonic I’ve had.* BUT. The interior. Oh my, the interior, with its delicious jewel-toned velvets, super cool local art (Yay!), mood lighting, and urban edge. It really is something special.

It was designed by Koncept Stockholm, only my favorite architecture firm in the world, and was inspired by “warn-down” restaurants in NYC as well as bohemian hotels in Paris. If that wasn’t enough for you, they also paid homage to the former artist and jazz musicians that used to occupy the space by infusing a “jazzy soul.” Are you intrigued yet? I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Story Hotel 16

Story Hotel 3

Story Hotel 2

Story Hotel 12

Story Hotel 4

Apparently they have a funky, super colorful outdoor space, which I clearly did not see in the winter time. Now I have an excuse to head back there next summer!

Story Hotel 5

Story Hotel 6

Story Hotel 7

Story Hotel bar

Story Hotel 13

Story Hotel 9

I cannot get enough of that textured wall. Is this not just the coziest hotel room?!

Story Hotel 15

Story Hotel 17

Story Hotel attic 11

The attic!

*Now, before you start thinking I spend all my time buying drinks I can’t afford at fancy hotels, I should assure you that many of my Friday nights are spent drinking boxed wine in my sweatpants… But, hey, doesn’t everyone love a good splurge once in a while?! Don’t forget to treat yourself. :)


Photos from Story Hotel and Koncept Stockholm


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