Too much inspiration?

artist quote_the darling tree_quotes

I have been struggling to find an answer to this question lately… Is it possible to have too much inspiration? I know that sounds silly, I mean, too much is waaaaaay better than too little! But, do you ever find yourself getting lost in the virtual world going from one blog to another, one post to another, finding one great new boutique to another amazingly talented illustrator? I could have continued, but I think you got the point. My new ventures into the bloggosphere have made me even more inspired, excited, and downright overwhelmed than ever. I have so many ideas and vast ambitions, but I, of course, cannot spend as much time blogging and creating as I’d like to.

Being jobless does not help this. I find that it is a vicious cycle that always starts with good intentions (i.e. – does Ikea have any job openings today…?) that ends in an hour wasted and still a long TO DO list in front of me. Although I’m seemingly complaining about this reoccuring “problem,” it never stops me the next time around. In fact, despite my frustrations, I get so much enjoyment and inspiration from the variety and the passion that’s out there. So you see? It’s like a double-edged sword. You lovely people are just so darn interesting and talented that I find it hard to pull my eyes away! I suppose the real problem is ME budgeting my time, allowing for play time as well as job search time. Geesh.

Well, I’ve somewhat answered my own question… but I’d love to hear your thoughts! Do you ever feel overwhelmed or overly stimulated by all the wonderful information at your fingertips? At this moment in my life my goal is to make, make, and MAKE some more. The internet can be such a fantastic source (and definitely not the only source!), but can also easily take over, if you let it.

I found this quote on The Darling Tree, yet another amazingly creative soul I’ve just stumbled upon, and just had to share it. For all you creatives out there (and for the rest of you, too!!), here’s a little encouragement. Work hard and don’t give up. You’re doing just fine. :)


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