Wallpaper Confession

Before I visited Sweden for the first time, I was under the impression that any and all wallpaper was BAD. I adopted this opinion back during my childhood when my parents were in the middle of building a new house, which I, unlike my siblings, was thrilled about because it meant that I’d get to decorate my room however I wished. No more bubblegum pink and white stripe wall paper. And that flower garland border? No more of that either. Instead I opted for a tangerine orange room with a poppy red accent wall.

I’m pretty sure my mom is reading this now, laughing (hopefully!), and thinking back to my persuasive 13-year old self. The interior designer in me (even then!) just had to convince my mom that wallpaper was sooo 90s and out of style and that it was absolutely forbidden in THIER new house. Ha! Well, I won. Sort of. There is one wall paper border in the whole house. Thanks, mom! But, now I’ve changed my mind…

wallpaper_learning to love white_5

My opinion on wallpaper changed entirely the first summer I visited Stockholm in 2010. All the sudden I was seeing oversized patterns, bold graphics, and simple color palettes, a vast and welcome contrast to the old 90s floral patterns I had stuck in my head. Finally, wallpaper that I could appreciate! Instead of it covering each and every wall and being all “matchy matchy,” it was being used for accent walls in restaurants, homes, and even the grocery store cafe.

There is such an incredible variety of wall paper out there these days, with everything from faux textures to hand-painted artwork. I love its versatility and ability to literally change the entire atmosphere of a room. It can make a new room look old and an old room look bold and modern. It’s definitely something to think about if you’re looking to add a focal point to a room or just want a new option other than painting. Here are a few of my favorites and there are surely more on the way!

geometric wallpaper_learning to love white_cole and son


Bold and graphic

wallpaper_learning to love white_4


Faux brick

watercolor wallpaper_learning to love white_8

Watercolor wallpaper

wallpaper_learning to love white_2


Old Paris map

wallpaper_learning to love white_6


Doodle wallpaper

turq walls

Aren’t they just lovely?!

Check ’em out. 1. Atelier Christine /2. Cole and Son /3. Rebel Walls / 4. Black Crow Studios / 5. Crush Party / 6. Decor Dots / 7. Indulgy


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