Simple Steps for Adding (more) Cozy to Your Life

simple steps to adding cozy to your home_learning to love white

Cozy is easily one of the most used words in my vocabulary, both in english and swedish. I constantly refer to everything from a little boutique, to a lunch place, to a night with friends, as mysig. It would be easy to blame my limited (but growing!) swedish vocabulary for my lack of variation in descriptive words. But, I won’t. It just so happens that this short, little word packs a whole lot of punch and feeling. I like it. It suggests more than, “it was nice,” and certainly paints a more intimate and inviting picture.

Consider this my apology ahead of time for probably overusing that word, but I can assure you I will continue to use it again and again. One of the reasons I am absolutely obsessed with interior design is for the shear fact that I love feeling something in my surroundings. It does not have to be cozy, or beautiful, or modern, but something that makes me stop for a second. Something that makes me want to look around, take a photo, stop for a coffee, pull out my sketchbook, or take a mental note. It is those places (and I’m not just talking about interiors right now) where I find great inspiration and peace of mind. And that, my friends, in this busy, complicated world, is a beautiful thing.

cozy definition 4_learning to love white

I was curious to learn the true definition of my favorite word and was not disappointed in the good ol’ Merriam-Webster dictionary. Creating a cozy atmosphere goes a looooong way in your home, work, and just plain, life. I find it’s often especially overlooked in the workplace, but I encourage you to take a look at your surroundings and ask yourself, do I feel cozy hereThen ask yourself, how can I add a little more cozy to my life?

Here are 8 simple steps to adding (more) cozy to your life..  whether it be your cubicle at work, your home office, your classroom, your bathroom, or your child’s playroom. I don’t think we can argue against wanting to feel comfortable and engaged with our surroundings and I think it is something that truly makes a difference.

Steps to adding cozy to your home_add life_learning to love white.psd 

1. Add life! Succulents, herbs, flowers, cacti – you take your pick. Plants are single handedly my favorite way to warm up and breath life into a room. You can never have too many, so have fun with scale!

8 steps to adding cozy to your home_learning to love white

2. Mix old with new! Every room needs something older than you. They add interest, history, and personality.

inspire_learning to love white

3. Inspire! Add inspiring photos, quotes, maps or whatever else makes you happy. Seeing them on a daily basis will make you smile.

Steps to adding cozy to your home_personalize_learning to love white

4. Personalize! keep photos, meaningful cards, and postcards (my favorite!) on display. By grouping them together, you can create wall art that can be easily changed. I know it can be easy to accumulate too much of these things, so might I also say, keep it fresh and replace things regularly.

lighting_learning to love white

5. Add Light! This is really important. Make sure you have enough light sources (think variety) throughout the room. A rule of thumb would be having one main light sources and at least one other smaller light source.  Oh yeah, and CANDLES. Lots and lots of candles!

Steps to adding cozy to your home_texturize_learning to love white.psd

6. Texturize! Use blankets, rugs, towels, old scarves, and curtains to warm up a space. And how about a little faux sheepskin for your bum? My favorites are here.

Steps to adding cozy to your home_natural elements_learning to love white copy

7. Add natural elements! It’s simple and it’s free. Find sticks, rocks, acorns, pinecones, chestnuts, or whatever other treasures you’ve got in your part of the world.  So, do yourself a favor, take a walk. :)

accessorize_learning to love white

8. Accessorize! You know that slightly tacky artichoke candle you love so much? … Oh wait, that’s me. Make sure you put it somewhere you can enjoy it! This may seem obvious, but don’t let the fear of wondering if something will “fit in” or “look tacky” to stop you. Your home or workplace is about YOU.

Photo credits: 1. By Mildred | 2. Pat Bates | 3. Anthropologie | 4. DecorDots | 5. Insides Count | 6. Kemukujara | 7. Pure Style Home | 8. HRH Collection


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