Rustic Thanksgiving Products – 3 ways!

10 rustic thanksgiving table products_learning to love white_thanksgiving decor_thanksgiving table

So, I’ve got Thanksgiving on the brain! I can’t even believe its already November 14th, which happens to be my wonderful mom’s birthday, and that I’ve already lived here for almost a whole year. This will be the first year in my 25 years that I will be missing Thanksgiving with my family and it feels bitter sweet. On the bitter side, I’ll of course be missing them and thinking of them on easily one of my favorite days of the year, but on the sweet side, I am so SO excited to host Thanksgiving at our place for our rather eclectic group of friends. What can be more fitting for a day of thanks than getting our friends from all over together to enjoy a good ol’ fashioned home cooked meal? (Really, I’m just hoping to try some Yorkshire pudding!!) Luckily, my mom has passed on her love of cooking (or should I say entertaining!) to me and I could not be more grateful for that. I may be lightyears away from her amazing cooking, but I guess it’s time I make the gravy on my own!


With that said, I really want to keep our Thanksgiving casual and fun and focused on, well, being grateful. I can’t stop thinking about all the typhoon victims in the Philippines who have lost homes and entire families and can’t even find clean water to drink. I’ve just donated money to Actions Against Hunger and I will definitely be keeping them in my thoughts…


Below you’ll see my take on creating a rustic Thanksgiving table… 3 ways! I’ve been inspired by all the vibrant fall plants over here, including those mini flower-like cabbages! (If you know what they are called, please let me know! I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen them in the US…) I love keeping it simple and natural, but obviously always need a good healthy punch of color to brighten it up! Have you caught onto that yet? Nothing can dress your table better than fresh fall plants, artichokes, gourds, garlic, pomegranates and candles. Obvi.

thanksgiving 3 ways

Check ’em out!

1. Lime-Colored raised-Design wine glass | $6.90 at Zara Home | I love this darling little glass because it is both casual and “fancy” at the same time! Can be used every day or as the perfect addition to a dinner party.

2. Yellow Tribal Table runner | $17 at Etsy | I can’t think of anything better to add color to your Thanksgiving table than this beauty!

3. Wood Bark Pedestal Stand | $29.99 at World Market | Wouldn’t your apple pie look fantastic on this wood pedestal?

4. Kitchen paper – Table runner | West Elm | This idea is very popular right now. It’s a casual way to dress up your table and would look great with fall veggies and candles!

5. Highlands Napkins – set of 4 | $9.56 at World Market | I love this Moroccan-ish pattern in those beautiful fall colors.

6. Medveten Vase | $5.95 at Ikea | This vase reminded me of those purple cabbages I adore. Simple and cheap? I like it.

7. Noctua Bottle Opener | Anthropologie | I came across this little thing and couldn’t not include it. It’s decoration in itself, while also being useful. Or how about giving it as a gift?

8. Owen Candleholder | $22.95 – $26.95 at Crate & Barrel | These wooden candle holders can fit anywhere, anytime.

9. Melamine plate – woodland rabbit |  $16.95 at Hard To Find | I can’t get enough of this plate! Hard to Find is my new favorite online store due to its reasonable priced quirky home products and amazing illustrations.

10. Fishnet Woven Placemat set | West Elm | This placemat will add texture to your table and will probably become the staple to your tabletop.

And by the way… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! If you’ve read all the way down to here, I’m impressed. I miss you and wish I could be there to celebrate with you!!

XOXO, Linds


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