Try This! Ombre Painted Glass Holiday Mantel

Tis the season, folks! Christmas tunes, glögg (more on that later!), pine tree scented candles, and twinkle lights… Oh, how I love this time of year. After a memorable Thanksgiving here over the weekend, I’m really looking forward to getting our Christmas tree, decking the halls, watching Home Alone, and starting my new job!

As you know, I’m really into finding creative and inexpensive ways to decorate, so if you happen to be looking for a CHEAP and easy way to decorate your mantel, dresser or window sill for the holidays, this one’s for you!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Recycled bottles, can of metallic spray paint (I used Molotow Burner – Gold, but I would recommend Montanta’s Black formula), twigs, Christmas bulbs, twinkle lights, candles

DIY Mantel_learning to love white_holiday Mantel_christmas decor_DIY painted glass_interior design blog

Step 1: Remove labels from the bottles. Wash and completely dry them before placing them on a drop cloth outdoors.

Step 2: To achieve the ombre effect with the spray paint, hold the bottle in your left hand and spray with your right hand in short strokes from left to right. Start spraying at the bottom and slowly rotate the bottle to get a even line. I would suggest wearing gloves and practicing on a bottle first to get the hang of it. Also, try experimenting with tape and different colors if you’re looking for something more graphic or want to add a little pattern!

Step 3: Arrange the bottles in groups of varying heights across the horizontal surface.

Step 4: Place twigs of different heights into the bottles.

Step 5: Carefully weave twinkle lights around or in the bottles. Then, accessorize! Candles, Christmas bulbs, evergreen branches, whatever your little heart desires.

I said it was easy, didn’t I?!

learning to love white_holiday Mantel_christmas decor_DIY painted glass_interior design blog


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