HAPPY HOUR! at Strandvägen 1

For the last month and a half, I’ve been working in a pop-up furniture store on one of the most beautiful streets in Stockholm. It’s appropriately called Strandvägen, or Beach Street, as it runs along the water of the inner archipelago. It is lined on one side with gorgeous old buildings in subtle shades of orange and gold, while the other side is filled with steamboats and ferries coming and going. If you find yourself in Stockholm, you wont miss this street. It’s perfect for a stroll, window shopping (did somebody say Svensk Tenn?), and, well, treating yourself to a fancy lunch. I have yet to do that, but I certainly have gotten the window shopping down and have found a place to add to my restaurant wish list.

I walked past the restaurant, Strandvägen 1, every day and every day found myself peering into the windows trying to see something new that I had maybe missed the day before. The restaurant itself is rather traditional in decor, but still quirky, with a Scandinavian simplicity. It was the photo you see below that captured my attention, as it’s life-size and showcased on the wall. In fact, the entire restaurant is covered with art from local artists and photographers, making it a nice mix of contemporary art and fashion photography. It takes an elegant and traditional space and brings it life, adding intrigue and controversy. I mean, I don’t mind eating a meal amongst nude photographs and sketches of monster-like creatures. Why not?

Happy Hour! at Strandvagen 1 | Learning to Love White | Stockholm Restaurants

It’s one of those places where it’s only appropriate to drink a cocktail with your eggs benedict and to sit and enjoy your coffee for hours on end afterwards. Who knows, if you’re there long enough you might even get to spot Zlatan… But, before I get carried away about eggs Benedict, back to it. Aside from the beautiful art on the walls, Strandvägen 1 has a fantastic collection of furniture. I’m loving those wishbone chairs with the curved wooden back, which are subtly accented by the wooden frames on the walls, as well as those amoeba-ish upholstered chairs. I’ve gotta say, nobody beats Sweden with furniture. And how about those molecular-ish bulb lights? (What’s up with all my scientific references?) Elegant and comfortable at the same time. I like it.

Happy Hour - Strandvagen 1 | Learning to Love White 1

Don’t miss the mismatched tile floor either. It’s a work of art in itself and gives the space warmth and depth. The same goes for the old tin ceiling. I’m a sucker for anything old and weathered and cannot get enough of that ceiling.

Happy Hour - Strandvagen 1 | Learning to Love White 2

Happy Hour - Strandvagen 1 | Learning to Love White 3

Happy Hour - Strandvagen 1 | Learning to Love White 4

Welcome to Brooklyn meets Östermalm. Strandvägen 1 was inspired by Brooklyn, New York, with it’s artsy neighborhoods and industrial feel, and Östermalm with it’s sophisticated style and superb location in the middle of Stockholm.

Happy Hour - Strandvagen 1 | Learning to Love White 5

Happy Hour - Strandvagen 1 | Learning to Love White 6

It doesn’t get much better than this!

Strandvägen 1 | Learning to Love White | Stockholm

And on that note, Happy Friday!! Hope it’s a good one. I’m looking forward to a movie date myself. Enjoy.

Photos here and here


One thought on “HAPPY HOUR! at Strandvägen 1

  1. Hi Lindsay! Loved your insight…what a beautiful place!!! Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday to you as well. Enjoy your movie date!! XO Anita

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